How it all started

1972 Chevelle SS454 WVIN

At the age of 18, Joe purchased his first classic car – a 1972 Chevelle SS454 WVIN – and was bit by the bug ever since. He continued buying classic cars and found the rush of purchasing, restoring and driving these symbolic machines of American heritage very addictive. After realizing that his parent’s garage was not big enough to hold them all, he then started to rent a small warehouse. His girlfriend at the time, now his lovely wife, sat him down one day and told him that he had an issue. He was also advised to, moving forward, sell a car before he could buy another one. At that point, through many walks of life, he realized that there are plenty of other people just like him who enjoy owning and driving a piece of American history.

In 2010, he realized that he could quench his desire to drive as many American classics as he desired, as long as he could make room for them, so he ramped up car purchases. You can say it is no coincidence that the founder/owner of No Reserve Classics is named Joe, since he sells American classics that the “average Joe” can afford…but don’t get it twisted, there is nothing average about him or No Reserve Classics.

We enjoy what we do so much that the bottom dollar does not affect our decision making.
We choose to satisfy our passion for restoring classic cars by simply selling them to restore more American muscle.

— Joseph Hanna, Founder/Owner

Our Business Approach

Typically when you see classic cars, they’re either at car shows or have been sitting in the owner’s garage for quite some time not getting the attention they need. We take those cars and truly bring them back to life by fulfilling light restoration work and getting them to a so-called “turn-key” standpoint where you can hop in and reliably drive them every day.

When a vehicle is auctioned off, they all start at $0.01 and go to the highest bidder at the end of seven days…period. No Reserve Classics is an unprecedented and one of a kind online-based auction company that lets the market decide what our investment classic cars are worth. We are NOT run by used car salesmen and we are ALL passionate collectors who have years of experience owning and working on classic cars. We aim to make buying and selling your dream car as simple and as gratifying as possible.

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