1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS LS2 Pro-Touring Restomod Convertible

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No Reserve Classics is proud to have just acquired this exquisitely built Pro-Touring ’67 Camaro Convertible! Powered by an EARTH SHATTERING 6.0L LS2 that puts out more than 625 horsepower down to the ground. Fully upgraded and professionally rebuilt by Central Florida Machine and Speed with AFR 1660 CNC Ported Cylinder Heads, a COMP High Performance Cam, FAST LSx R Intake Manifold, and so much more! Mated to a Tremec T56 6-Speed Manual Transmission and Hydraulic Clutch, banging through gears and cruising on the highway never gets better. Too hot and sunny today? No worries…flip the switch on the dash to turn on your ICE COLD Retrofit Air Conditioning and Heating System.

Overall presents as a factory appealing car but this car is far from it. This is how we would describe a modern day “sleeper”. With it’s Aftermarket Heidt’s Pro-G Subframe and Front Suspension as well as the Heidt’s Pro-G Titanium Reinforced Independent Rear Suspension, cross-country driving doesn’t get any better than this. This car can truly compete with Z06 Corvettes on a track or the street. From the factory, these cars came with a solid rear axle with leaf springs. Today this car presents with Fully Adjustable Coil Overs FRONT AND REAR that sits this car at a perfect stance yet still provides a comfortable drive and exceptional handling. 4-Wheel Wilwood Power Disc Brakes stops this car with absolute ease.  Steering is a breeze with Heidt’s Custom Hydraulic Rack and Pinion Power Steering. No more sloppy Conventional Power or Manual Steering that these car’s originally came with. Kooks High Performance Headers and Dual Side Exit Exhaust let’s this LS-Powered ’67 Camaro sound like a ZR1 Corvette!

On the outside is a beautiful Tuxedo Black Basecoat Clearcoat with a White Stripe looks stunning and shines like GLASS. All new chrome and polished bright work and beauty trim was installed on the car and restores the lustrous beauty on this Classic Camaro. One of the things that we have planned for this car is a complete RS Front Hideaway Headlight Conversion. This is a highly desirable option on Camaro’s as it cleans up and simplifies the front end.


These suspension kits from Heidts are simply next level, modern day conversions that has truly transformed the handling capability this car originally came with!

Inside this beautiful car is a Complete Deluxe Black Interior with all new parts and custom accessories to make driving this Convertible Camaro as comfortable as possible without swaying too much away from factory! Also equipped with Power Windows that roll up and down quick and easy. No more sloppy window cranks! The LS2’s ECU and Electrical System communicates with the Dakota Digital Dash and Gauges that work exceptionally well. All new wiring was installed throughout the car during it’s frame off build and restoration. Highly optioned from its Center Console and 6-Speed Shifter to its Custom Sound System down to its Electric Parking Brake! Another upgrade that was done is a 3-Point Seat Belt System Front and Rear for modern day safety. No more unsafe lap belts of yesteryear!

Overall we’re excited to see this car reach its new owner. It was built to be DRIVEN and driven HARD. Check back soon for more information!

  • Central Florida Machine and Speed Complete Custom 6.0L LS2 with Over 625 Horsepower! No blower/supercharger...no turbo...no nitrous. ALL OF THESE PONIES ARE NATURALLY ASPIRATED from 93 Octane Pump Gasoline. Now that is what we would call a properly built engine.
  • ALL ALUMINUM LS2 ENGINE BLOCK! (No Junkyard Tahoe Iron Block Here!!!!)
  • Eagle Forged 4340 Crankshaft
  • JE SRP Forged Aluminum Pistons
  • Forged H-Beam Connecting Rods
  • Comp Cams "Big Mother Tumper" Hydraulic Roller Camshaft
  • AFR (Air Flow Research) 1660 65cc High Performance CNC Ported Cylinder Heads
  • FAST LSXR Custom High Performance 102mm Intake Manifold
    • Custom Length Intake Runners that outperform the factory by a long shot!
  • Kooks High Performance Full Length Exhaust Headers that lead into a Full Custom Dual Side Exit Exhaust System
  • Tremec T56 6-Speed Manual Transmission with a Short Shifter to make banging through gears super easy and VERY CRISP!
    • Super Powerful 2.97 First Gear Ratio gets this car rolling with ease!
  • Hydraulically Operated Clutch that completely transforms the old days of Mechanical Clutches and Muncie Transmissions with over double the pedal travel. This clutch grabs and travels like a new Corvette Z06!
  • Full Wilwood 4-Wheel Power Disc Brake System that stops this 625 Horsepower '67 Camaro with ease. All that power is great but you need to be able to stop!
  • Complete Vintage Air Retrofit Air Conditioning and Heating System that provides ICE COLD A/C during the hot summer and nice warm air during the winter that truly allows this Camaro to be a full 4-Seasons Capable/YEAR-ROUND car!
    • Features all new components from the A/C Compressor, Condenser, Hidden Evaporator Unit Underneath Dash, Drier, Hoses, down to the Control Panel and Wiring! No flawed factory components were used during this installation...only modern equipment for ease of serviceability and performance!
    • Yesteryear used R-12 Refrigerant which is very hard to find nowadays due to environmental concerns. This system uses R-134a which is commonly available at your local Wal-Mart or Auto Parts Store for cheap!



  • Basecoat-Clearcoat Tuxedo Black with a white bumblebee sport stripe that shines like GLASS!
  • All factory appealing chrome/trim around the car that gives this car a true sleeper appeal! Nobody will know you're pulling up to that red light with all gasoline-all lightweight aluminum 625 LS2 horsepower!
  • All chrome and polished beauty trim around the entire car has been replaced from front to rear!
  • Front and Rear Chrome Bumpers
  • Polished Stainless Steel Wheel Well Trim Moldings
  • Polished Stainless Steel Rocker Panel Moldings
  • Polished Vent Window Trim
  • Chrome Convertible Top Moldings
  • Chrome Side View Mirrors
  • Polished Stainless Steel Front Windshield Reveal Moldings
  • Polished Stainless Steel Convertible Top Pinchweld Moldings
  • Polished Stainless Steel SS Hood Louvers
  • Even the tail light bezels are brand new!
  • All New Emblems from the Grille and Front SS Fender Emblems down to the SS Rear Gas Cap!
  • D80 Spoiler Package
  • Black Power Convertible Top that has been fully replaced and redone to perfection! Unlike even a lot of modern cars, this 50 year old Camaro was upgraded with a Power Top that let's you put your top up and down without the need of exiting the vehicle! Simply unlock the latch, flip a switch, and you're in business.



  • Factory Style Deluxe Black Vinyl Interior that was redone with all new parts, accessories, and subtle custom additions to keep this car comfortable and enjoyable!
  • Complete Vintage Air Retrofit Air Conditioning and Heating System that provides ICE COLD A/C during the hot summer and nice warm air during the winter that truly allows this Camaro to be a full 4-Seasons Capable/YEAR-ROUND car!
  • Deluxe Black Door Panels that are in excellent shape
  • Custom Dakota Digital VHX Series Gauges that take all of the drivetrain information from the OBD-II Port and displays it onto an LED Backlit Gauge Cluster that conveniently provides a full range of information about your car directly in front of you.
    • From speedomter, tachometer, voltage, oil pressure, to fuel level, these gauges not only provide quick response but also very accurate information.
  • Complete Power Window Conversion FRONT AND REAR! Makes driving a classic Camaro like this a breeze. No more window cranks to worry about spinning down for fresh air which are known to break off and become troublesome over time due to poor design. Flip a switch and you're in business!
  • As previosuly mentioned, this car is indeed equipped with a Power Convertible Top that makes putting your top down on a nice sunny day easy as can be! Stay in your seat, unlatch the top, flip the switch, and you're in business!
  • Complete Center Console Package with 6-Speed Hurst Short Shifter!
    • Gears are super tight and within very close proximity to make bang shifting a breeze
    • A lot of times when an aftermarket transmission with more than 4 gears is installed into these older cars, the shifters tend to interfere with a bezel or even the console assembly itself. With this short shifter package, interference with the console is not a problem and lets this 6-Speed T56 Transmission operate as though if this car originally came from the factory with it!
    • Features a custom Electric Parking Brake that eliminates the need for a foot pedal! Simply push a button and let the actuator and electric motor keep this car in place!
  • Custom Grant Black Vinyl Wide Grip Steering Wheel with Polished Stainless Steel Spokes that let's you take control of the road with ease
  • OER High Quality Reproduction Factory Style New Dash Pad
  • All Carpeting was replaced during the restoration with the factory style 80/20 2-Piece Loop Carpeting
  • Kick Panels and A-Pillar Moldings Replaced
  • Dash was repainted and refinished for that brand new feel and appearance
  • Overall this interior presents beautifully between all of the new parts and accessories and functions incredibly well with its upgrades. Not to mention it is super comfortable and a breeze to drive in.



  • Complete Custom Heidts Pro-G Independent Front and Rear Suspension System!
    • The factory subframe with coil & shock and rear solid axle with leaf springs are long gone away from this car. Reason being? Modern Technology of precision manufactured suspension systems are far superior than the old factory clunky frames and axles!
    • The Pro-G Independent Front Suspension system utilizes a BRAND NEW FRONT SUBFRAME that was designed and engineered with the best form of CNC Manufacturing there is! Everything is built and optimized for the best suspension functionality and handling characteristics.
    • Features a Complete Coil Over System with Adjustable Shocks for Rebound and Compression (these knobs let you set your ride comfort!)
    • Hydraulic Rack and Pinion Power Steering that defeats the old clunky days of Conventional Steering. No need for constant correction while driving. This steering system is touchy as a modern sports car and responds almost instantaneously!
    • Custom Adjustable Front Sway Bar
    • Subframe was also custom powdercoated in a beautiful Semi Gloss Black Finish and Installed with All New High Performance Body Mount Bushings!
      • This gives you that ultimate show car finish and the best protection against road debris!
  • That's only the front! What about the rear? The solid rear axle and leaf springs are just not ideal for cross-country pro-touring. As you change characteristics for better comfort, you lose performance. As performance suspension is increased, you lose comfort and drivability. Leave the solid rear axles at home for drag racing and trucks.
    • This car was completely upgraded with an INDEPENDENT REAR SUSPENSION (IRS) that was built by Heidts Suspension to be able to handle up to 2,000 horsepower! That means however much you beat on this car, the rear suspension will handle every ounce of that 625 horsepower you throw at it without issue.
    • This may not mean much to the average person but IRS is currently the best form of suspension available for Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) cars like these. It allows each wheel to move vertically without affecting the other side. This reduces unnecessary suspension travel which in turn improves ride comfort while improving handling AT THE SAME TIME! Again, a solid axle and leaf spring configuration will not allow for this kind of suspension behavior.
    • It is a VERY expensive kit to purchase let alone the installation. Thankfully, the installation does not require the car to be "tubbed" or "back-halfed" like a lot of race cars or pro-street cars are. With those cars you typically lose the rear seat and the contours of the floors and trunk are lost. Luckily none of that is the case with this Heidts Pro G Independent Rear Suspension!
    • Full Adjustable Coil Over System with Adjustable Shocks just like the front!
  • Fully Fabricated EFI Stainless Steel Fuel Tank that supplies this 625 horsepower LS2 with the proper amount of fuel it needs to lay rubber!
  • Complete Custom Fit Driveshaft
  • Wilwood 4-Wheel Power Disc Brakes that stops this Pro-Touring Camaro with absolute ease!
    • Features all new custom/precision-bent brake lines front to rear
    • With the Independent Rear, the Brakes were also set inboard for better stopping power and to keep the suspension as simple and tidy as possible
  • As previously mentioned, this car also features a custom Electric Parking Brake that eliminates the need for a foot pedal! Simply push a button and let the actuator and electric motor keep this car in place!

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