1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 Restomod Convertible

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The best of both worlds. Restomod Bones with a Factory Overall Appearance.This is what we would call this Chevelle because on the outside it looks like any other ordinary SS Chevelle . But beneath the hood and between the doors it is a completely different beast than factory. That’s what makes this car unique!

You get many different modern features that makes driving a classic fun and easy. From its Dakota Digital VHX Series Digital Gauge System to its aftermarket Air Conditioning & Heating System that blows out ice cold, you bet you can comfortably drive this car long distances, be comfortable doing so, and getting heads turned left and right! Powered by a FiTech Fuel-Injected 396 Big Block Chevy that delivers plenty of tire shredding torque through its 700R4 Overdrive Automatic Transmission and 12 Bolt Posi Rear, you get it all here! This isn’t a 307/Powerglide powered Malibu here like you see a lot for sale. Hop in, turn the key, and drive wherever you’d like without worry because this car is meant for just that! You get to drive this car on the highway 75-80 MPH like any other car and actually get decent gas mileage due to its 4th Gear Overdrive which is not something commonly found on classic cars. You’re usually stuck with a 1:1 final drive ratio which typically means you won’t have the ability to cruise on the highway without the engine screaming at high RPM’s.

It’s also worth mentioning that finding a black convertible in amazing shape like this comes once in a blue moon. Power Steering, Power Disc Brakes, a New Modern American Autowire Electrical Fuse Panel and Complete Wiring Harness with new style blade fuses ensures EVERYTHING RELIABLY works. Car even has a working underhood light! We’ve never come across a car before with this many working details.

Keep checking back with us as we get this car ready for its new owner (whoever that may be!) to cruise cross-country with the top down. (Did we mention Power Convertible Top?!)

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