1987 Ferrari 328 GTS Coupe

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“If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Enzo Ferrari

A single line quote that reflects and reverberates so deeply within No Reserve Classics:  “Making Dreams a Reality!”

These unique and highly desirable vehicles do require some understanding of their history to truly appreciate what each car is:

  • The “328” numbers in the model title referred to the total cubic capacity of the engine, 3.2 liters, and 8 for the number of cylinders.
  • The Ferrari 328 GTB and GTS (Type F106) are mid-engine V8, two seat sports cars produced by Italian automotive manufacturer Ferrari. It was the successor to the Ferrari 308 GTB and GTS. They share similar (but not identical) body designs and appearances, frames, chassis, and engine designs.
  • The 328 model was the revised and updated/upgraded version of the 308!!
    • The 308 was so successful that, for eight years the car did not require any radical changes!
  • While mechanically still based on the 308 GTB and GTS respectively, small modifications were made to the body style and engine, most notably an increase in engine displacement to 3.2 L for increased power and torque output. 7,412 Ferrari 328s were produced by the time it was replaced by the 348 model in 1989.
    • Currently remaining estimates approximate that only 2,750 328s are left in the U.S.A.!!
  • The 328 is considered by most Ferrari enthusiasts to be one of the most reliable, usable, and classic Ferraris’ of all time. Because of its durable road record and its classical aesthetics, this vehicle has very strong history of appreciating value over the years!!!!!

 Here is your chance to have your dreams of owning an exotic super car come true!

Here is your chance to have your dreams of owning a exotic super car come true!

  • Low mileage
  • Same owner for over 20 years!!
  • Owned and maintained by long time Ferrari Enthusiast/Collector
  • Always stored in Climate Controlled Garage
  • Recently upgraded components make for the most enjoyable drives!!
  • Recent Major Service Completed
    • No concerns about maintenance – thoroughly sorted vehicle with extensive service records!!
  • Classic Ferrari Red, with Black and Tan Interior
  • Meticulously sorted out, beautifully cleaned, and detailed!!


Now is your chance to own one of these low mileage, vintage Ferraris’ not only as a vehicle you can enjoy to drive, but with the upside potential of the 328 market, a serious area to invest in!


Recent service work performed by No Reserve Classics’ new partner and affiliate, The Ferrari Shop. With the vast experience, knowledge and history in all aspects of rare, high end, exotic, and racing of American and European manufacturers. The Ferrari Shop has performed Complete Factory Restorations, Service, Maintenance, Engine Tuning, Chassis Tuning, Race Car Building, Maintenance, and Track Support Services for renowned manufactures and private owners. Such manufacturers as: Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Porsche, Jaguar, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Bentley, and Rolls Royce.

Restoration History:

  • 1st Place Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in Monterey, California
  • Multiple Regional and National Ferrari Concours d’Elegance 1st Place Wins

Training History:

  • Ferrari Factory Trained
  • Porsche Factory Trained
  • Mercedes Factory Trained
  • Jaguar Factory Trained
  • Ford Factory Trained


Service/Maintenance History:

  • Basic Routine Maintenance
  • Engine Builds – Custom or Factory Specifications
  • Transmission Builds – Custom or Factory Specifications
  • Final Drive Builds – Custom or Factory Specifications
  • Suspension Builds – Custom or Factory Specifications
  • Brake System Builds – Custom or Factory Specifications
  • Chassis Build/Repair – Custom or Factory Specifications
  • Electrical Systems – Custom or Factory Specifications
  • In-depth Diagnostics of All Vehicle Systems


Racing/Track History:

  • IMSA (International Motorsports Association)
  • Continental Sports Car Challenge Series
  • Ferrari Challenge Series
  • Ferrari Club of America
  • Porsche Club of America

With the vast experience and knowledge available through this partnership, you can rest assured that this vehicle was given the best service possible!

Recent 40,000 Mile Major Service Performed:

  • NEW Timing Belts
  • NEW Timing Belt Tensioners
  • ALL NEW Belts
  • NEW Air Filter
  • NEW Air Intake Boot/Hose
  • NEW Oil Filter
  • NEW Engine Oil
  • NEW Fuel Filter
  • NEW Distributor Seals
  • NEW Distributor Gaskets
  • NEW Distributor Cap Gaskets
  • NEW Distributor Caps
  • NEW Distributor Rotors
  • NEW Spark Plugs
  • NEW Spark Plug Extensions
  • NEW Camshaft Seals
  • NEW Camshaft O-Rings
  • NEW Camshaft Bolt O-Rings
  • NEW Camshaft Cover Gaskets – Upgraded Silicone Bead Style
  • NEW Water Pump
  • NEW Water Pump Gasket
  • NEW Water Pump O-Ring
  • NEW Thermostat
  • NEW Engine Coolant
  • NEW Shift Shaft Seals – Internal
  • NEW Shift Shaft Seal – External
  • NEW Gearbox Fluid
  • NEW Brake Fluid
  • NEW Wipers
  • NEW R-12 to R-134A Conversion
  • NEW R-134A Refrigerant
  • NEW Fuel Distributor Fuel Return Hose
  • NEW Fuel Cap
  • NEW Battery
  • NEW Battery Tender
  • NEW Rear Deck Lid Strut Assemblies


Additional Items Addressed During Service:

  • ALL Wheels Re-Conditioned
  • BOTH Front and Rear Lower Grills Re-Conditioned
  • NEW Upgraded Radio Installed
  • NEW Door Speakers Installed
  • NEW Dashboard Tweeters Installed
  • NEW Radio Amplifier Installed
  • NEW Speaker Wiring Installed
  • NEW Driver’s Door Window Switches Installed
  • NEW Passenger’s Door Window Switch Installed


A staggering 45 years later, the Ferrari F106 engine was voted one of the best V8 Engines of all time in 2018!!!


The Ferrari F106 V8 was first used in the awkwardly proportioned Dino 308 GT4 2+2 in 1973. It made a very strong 250 HP from 2.9 liters and unlike the overhead-valve push-rod designs that dominated the American scene, used a flat-plane crank and had dual-overhead camshafts. This layout was the basis for every mid-engine Ferrari V8 right up until the 360 that ceased production in 2005. It variations saw duty in the 288, 308, Mondial 3.2, 328, 348, 355, 360 and even the turbocharged F40. Multi-valve heads and electronic fuel injection were introduced over the years, helping power outputs grow to an excess of 450+ HP


  • Flat plane Crankshaft
    • Flat-plane cranks are inherently well balanced – unlike cross-plane cranks. Improves engine response, and achieve much higher revolutions per minute then a cross-plane crank
  • Dual Over-Head Camshafts
    • Much higher engine performance gains and allows the engine to achieve much higher revolutions per minute.
  • Mid-Engine Lay-Out Design
    • Ferrari designed this car with the engine in the middle of the chassis, instead of the front of the vehicle to create a better over-all weight distribution.
    • By doing so, over-all vehicle performance has greatly improved traction for acceleration, braking and cornering!!
      • All which makes this vehicle so ideal for carving through corners on the street or the track!!
    • Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection system
      • Don’t have to worry about synchronizing multiple carburetors!! Just turn the key and go!
    • Marelli MED 806 A Electronic Ignition System.
      • Self-controlled, self-adjusting ignition system!! Don’t have to play with a timing light and distributor!
    • It produced 270 hp (201 kW) and 231 lb⋅ft (313 N⋅m) of torque from the factory!
    • Mid-mounted 90-degree V-8
    • All-Aluminum construction
      • Light weight construction, this increases over-all vehicle performance!
    • Nikasil Cylinder liners
      • Reduced friction for increased performance!
  • Recently fully Detailed, Ceramic Coated exterior paint!
  • Ceramic Coated Paint
    • Ceramic Coatings, unlike sealants and waxes, which sit on top of the paint as a sacrificial layer that break down pretty quickly, are not chemical resistant and offer no additional strength to the paint.
    • Ceramic coatings are different, as they infuse particles of ceramic into the pores of the clear coat and cross link with the paint.
      • Infusing ceramic into the paint increases the slickness of the paint, and improve resistance to chemical etching, while enhancing the gloss of the paint and keeping your car cleaner longer!
  • This car has the world renowned, instantly recognizable, and easily the most sought after, Rosso Corsa (“Ferrari Red”).
    • Additional protection on top of the factory applied Zincrox coating on steel the panels that started in the 308 era.
      • The 328s were well-protected from day one!!!
  • “GTS” is a condensed term for Gran Turismo Spider(targa top).
    • The original Pininfarina design was carried over from its predecessor but included subtle changes from the carrozzeria (body/coach-works). The effect was both aesthetic and an improvement in overall aerodynamic characteristics. The 328
  • Fully incorporated front and rear bumpers
    • With Color-Matched Paint
      • 328s Unique, Beautiful Body Shape And Lines!!
      • The car's body was still largely built by hand coming from the Scaglietti
    • Flush-mounted door handles
      • Body paint color-matched
        • No unsightly levers as seen on the 308 and hiding nicely in the door skins!
  • Fully Detailed Tan and Black Leather Interior
    • The interior of this vehicle, as are almost all Ferraris up until 2002 were wrapped in beautiful Connolly Leather.
      • Interior leather stitching was and still is done by human hands!
        • Only by hand is how Ferrari maintains highest quality and attention to detail!!
      • Italian Wool Headliner
      • Ferrari Veglia gauges
        • Classic, Iconic, and original Instrument Cluster
      • Three-spoke Momo wheel
        • Classic Ferrari Steering Wheel!!
      • 5-Speed Gearbox
        • With the classic and iconic Gated Shifter!!
        • For purists, Ferrari is almost inseparable from the beautiful exposed aluminum gate shifter, which rewards deliberate action with precision and that delightful metal-on-metal “clink” of a well-made shift!
          • It’s amazing that Ferrari no longer offers a fully manual transmission anymore, the clutch pedal having been replaced with paddle shifting.
        • Floor-mounted center console
          • Climate control switch gear knobs
          • The 328 offered accommodating separate heater boxes and fans for driver and passenger side of the interior, with electronic controls
        • The stereo and center vents were in central dash panel
          • An upgraded radio has been installed:
          • An upgraded Speaker System has been installed:
        • Relocated Handbrake
          • The Handbrake is located between the driver’s seat and door sill with easy entry and exit release storage capability
        • Center Console has a lockable glove box in the rear


  • Thoroughly cleaned, detail under body!
  • 328s are constructed using tube chassis platform
    • When it comes to handling prowess, this is what separates Ferrari from any other car!
  • 328 sit on the same tube chassis platform
    • Increased chassis stiffness to prevent body flex and ruining the handling!
  • The engine and gear box are transversely mounted
    • The gearbox is mounted lower and rearward of the engine oil sump to further lower the center of gravity!
      • What does all of that mean? A lower center of gravity and more centered weight distribution for some of the best handling characteristics available to own!

Suspension System:

  • The suspension system used on the 328 is what helps really set this car apart from most other vehicles of its era.
    • Ferrari designed this car for supreme handling!
  • Front Independent Suspension:
    • Double Wishbone
    • Coil Springs
    • Shock Absorbers
    • Anti-roll bar
  • Rear Independent Suspension:
  • Double Wishbone
  • Coil Springs
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Anti-roll bar
    • A factory option available at the time was the Koni Adjustable Shocks


  • Unassisted rack and pinion
    • Improved steering quicker ratio than its predecessor at 3.25 turns, lock to lock.
    • For increased road handling feed back to the driver
      • Immediate, crisp and easy turn in and response on those twisty country back roads!


  • Manual Gearbox
    • 5-speed "dog-leg" style manual gearbox
    • Fully Synchro-meshed
  • Limited Slip Differential
    • Clutch-Type


Brake System:

  • 4 Wheel Disc Brake Systems
    • Hydraulically Actuated
    • All 328s were equipped with four wheel vented disc brakes from the factory!
  • Rear Parking Brake

Please keep in mind that this car is a mostly original factory vehicle with factory drive-train components. Although this car looks absolutely stunning, please understand that this vehicle is over 30 years old with imperfections. As with all classic cars, it may need a few odds and ends down the road as you begin to drive it more often but still nonetheless an iconic and one of the most sought-after European classic cars that you will be proud to own and very happy to drive in!